Octopus with garlic : Conservas Sotavento


Ingredients: octopus, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli pepper.

Capacity: 167 ml glass jar

Net Weight: 140 g

Drained Weight: 100 g

Manufacturer: Conservas Sotavento

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Sotavento canned octopus with garlic.

The octopus comes from Galician fish markets and is prepared following the traditional way: the octopus is scared by dipping it several times in boiling water and cooked accordingly. To finish it is given a touch to the grill with a good ajada and packaged with the oil from browning the garlic.

Our octopus, from the estuary, we wash it one by one and then freeze it for a few days to break the fibre (it is the only product we freeze), then we defrost it and cook it by scaring it so that it does not lose its skin. Once cooked, it is chopped one by one and put into the jars, accompanied with extra virgin olive oil and natural garlic.

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