Artisan Preserves


La Catedral de Navarra grows its products close to its facilities, knows the farmers it works with and keeps a strict control of each of the steps with which its vegetables are grown.

The products of La Catedral de Navarra are always in season, because it is the natural cycle of the plants that gives the best results in terms of flavour, aroma and texture. All vegetables bearing the LC label have been hand-picked and harvested at optimum ripeness.

Rigor in quality and care in handling. La Catedral’s vegetables are packed by hand following the strictest sanitary and tasting controls. All the work is organised so that it takes just a few hours from harvesting to packaging. In addition, the process through which each product passes is designed to avoid the loss of its aromas when fresh. Thus, the asparagus is blanched with the skin on so that it acts as a protective barrier for all its properties, or the peppers are handled without touching the water so that they preserve the intensity of the piquillo peppers just out of the fire.

-5% dto
-10% dto
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