Savings Pack 30 tins of pickled mussels 12/16 pieces | Ramón Franco


Saving Pack 30 cans of Mussel in pickled sauce 12/16 pieces | Conservas Ramón Franco

Ingredients: Mussels (Mytilus Galloprovincialis), olive oil (15%), wine vinegar, spices and salt.

Ramón Franco presents the best mussels in pickled sauce from the Ría de Arousa, cooked over a slow fire following a recipe that dates back to 1960. In this preserve you will find 12 to 16 mussels, hand-packed after being harvested.

Oferta Cantidad Descuento
en Conservas Ramón Franco 6 - 11 1%
en Conservas Ramón Franco 12 - 23 2%
en Conservas Ramón Franco 24 + 3%

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IMPORTANTE: Excepto pago con PAYPAL

Weight 115 kg

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