Conservas Ramón Peña’s products come from the Rías Gallegas, the richest and most appreciated fishing area in Spain and with the most demanded raw material in the sector. Its privileged location, together with unbeatable weather conditions and the purity of its waters have made these estuaries unique and of unquestionable gastronomic value. Also from the Cantabrian Sea, where the best anchovies, tuna and bonito are obtained.
We buy our products during the season and directly from the fish market. We do not use preservatives, dyes, or bleaches, and we maintain strict controls to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process.

canned food



Conservas Ramón Peña products are “time capsules” to be savoured at any time. Authentic sea snacks rich in nutrients, and ideal for maintaining a healthy diet. All of them are prepared with natural ingredients.