Baby squid in its ink | Ramón Peña

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Baby squid in its ink by Conservas Ramón Peña.

Ingredients: Squid, olive oil, pepper, onion, tomato, salt, ink, spices and wheat flour.

Baby squid come from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The squid of Ramón Peña stands out especially small size, so it is highly appreciated coming to consider a real delicacy.

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Squid in its ink Ramón Peña

The baby squid are cleaned and the pods are turned over. They are cooked and cooled, and after packaging, a sauce made from natural squid ink is served by hand.
At Conservas Ramón Peña they take care of the entire production process from the very beginning, using the most modern technology to present you with a preserve that has become a cult product among gourmet lovers.

Ingredients: Squid, olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, salt, wheat flour, ink and spices.

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