Pack Peniche 4 preserves : José Gourmet

Box with 4 José Gourmet preserves:

Sardines in Oil in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biological

Sardines in Oil with Lemon

Small Sardines with Tomato

Smoked sardines

Jose Gourmet Preserves

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Jose Gourmet preserves each with a different illustration.

Each one with the stamp of an artist. Sixteen creators such as Bernardo Carvalho, Marta Madureira, Inês Oliveira, Gémeo Luís or Rui Mendonça have put their talent at the service of the cans and the result couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Inside, seahorses in oil, Portuguese-style stewed squid, sardines in tomato, smoked in olive oil, tuna belly…



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