Iberian ham of acorn Guijuelo 100% Iberian Iberian | La hoja del Carrasco


Acorn-fed Iberian ham Guijuelo 100% Iberian La hoja del Carrasco

Quality guaranteed by the Regulatory Council of the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin, which certifies both its genetic suitability and its natural diet based on acorns.

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The Iberian Acorn-fed Ham Gran Reserva “La Hoja del Carrasco”, is defined by a minimum curing period of 36 months, passing all the controls required by the Denomination of Origin Guijuelo to carry the seal and the label that certifies it.

The curing of these Acorn-fed Ibérico Hams is based on the special climatic characteristics of the Salamanca town of Guijuelo, ideal in a totally natural process.

The different phases of elaboration begin in the salting, the drying, in its natural drying sheds, and the curing in the cellar, all this process, is what gives the Iberian Acorn-fed Hams “La Hoja del Carrasco” the taste of the tradition that they have been keeping since 1896.


  • Average curing time: Minimum 36 months after salting, in Guijuelo, Salamanca.
  • Remarks: Breed and feed certified by inspection and certification unit.
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