Fabada Asturiana de Casa Gerardo | La Catedral de Navarra (Asturian Fabada)

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Fabada Casa Gerardo by Conservas La Catedral de Navarra

Just as it has been made by five generations in Casa Gerardo, since 1882 in Prendes.

Pedro and Marcos Morán have selected the best ingredients and have supervised every step in the facilities of La Catedral de Navarra.

So you can enjoy the star dish of this historic Asturian restaurant at home.

Ingredients: Fabes, chicken broth, pork shoulder, smoked Asturian chorizo, smoked Asturian black pudding, olive oil, sunflower oil, butter, onion, paprika, saffron and salt.


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Heat them for 15-20 minutes in a bain-marie, handling them as little as possible to prevent them from breaking.
Designed as the main course of the menu and recommended to be accompanied by a light first course and a dessert. Smooth texture and flavour provided by the fresh fabe as opposed to the compango (bacon, black pudding and chorizo) of greater intensity and powerful flavour.
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