Needles in olive oil | Ramón Peña LP

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Needles in olive oil of Conservas Ramón Peña

Ingredients: needle, olive oil, chilli and salt.

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The marlin, also known as the red porgy, is a fish that resembles the sardine, but with a particularly elongated body and a silvery colour. It is a blue fish of intense and delicious flavor traditionally consumed in the coastal areas of Galicia and Cantabria.

Caught in the Atlantic, they are processed fresh to preserve texture and flavour. Each piece is rigorously trimmed (eviscerated after removing the head and tail), roasted and packed by hand.

Tapas and canapés benefit from the versatility of needles in olive oil. It combines well with the fresh touch of many vegetables (radishes, lettuce hearts, cherry tomatoes…) and the slightly bitter finish of a good beer.

Garfish in olive oil | Ramón Peña

Ingredients: garfish (fish) olive oil and salt


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