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Cream of seafood cream 1/2 litre : ROSARA

Seafood cream of Conservas Rosara.

It is our star cream: with an intense seafood flavour but with a creamy and pleasant texture, as if it had just been made. Seafood is not derived from any dehydrated or concentrated compounds or extracts. This cream is made without colourings, thickeners (starches or other), preservatives or flavour enhancers. It also has only 5% fat.

Seafood and fish stock (60%), (in variable proportion of langoustine, prawns, conger eel or monkfish), tomato, onion, carrot, vegetable oil (sunflower), leek, rice, cognac, cream, margarine, salt and antioxidants.


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With a balanced and clean seafood flavour, it is recommended to heat the cream over a low heat in a casserole dish. You can add to taste: croutons, pieces of seafood (shrimp, prawns … etc.), drawings of cream, …etc.. To drink cold and be more refreshing, you can chop 2-3 ice cubes together with the cream previously cooled in the fridge (unopened).

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