Medallions of hake roe in spicy olive oil : Real Conservera Española

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Ingredients: Hake roe, olive oil, salt and guindilila.

Net weight: 130 gr. Drained weight: 100 gr.

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Medallions of hake roe in spicy olive oil

Royal Spanish Cannery

They come from hake bought in the ports of Burela and Celeiro and from the Atlantic or the Bay of Biscay.

Cooked hake roe, cleaned and cut into medallions by hand, in olive oil with a chilli pepper.
Tasting note:
Taste directly from the can or if you prefer on toast.


Store in a cool, dry place
The roe is sorted to remove any broken or crushed roe, then carefully cooked to avoid breakage and cleaned by hand to remove veins and other impurities. Then they are cut one by one with a knife to obtain medallions that are canned and to which a cayenne is added to give them a nice spicy touch. It is enough to open the can to have a perfect appetizer or starter, with a lot of flavor and a peculiar texture that allows to appreciate the grains of the roe in the mouth. A real luxury preserve.
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