Snails Rioja Style : MareTerra Deluque


Snails elaborated with a Riojan type sauce.

Cooked in the traditional way with virgin olive oil, tomatoes, vegetables, chorizo, ham and bacon from our own land.

If you are unconditional fans of snails, this preparation of Mareterra Deluque will not leave you indifferent. Besides, enjoying them will be as easy as heating them for 5 minutes on the stove or 1 minute in the microwave (with the lid open).

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MareterraDeluque is a family business created in 2015, whose main activity is the processing and packaging of land snails, including the “Helix Aspersa Müller“. A snail whose main characteristic is its ability to adapt to different climates.

In the zone of As Vendas in the city council of Esgos (Ourense) in a privileged natural environment is where grows our snail. The favourable conditions of humidity, rain and vegetation make this land an ideal place for breeding.

The company provides the market with a quality snail that has been subjected to rigorous sanitary controls, also carries out a selection process discarding approximately 15-20%, either by broken shell, for not giving the measure, by soft shell, all snails have to weigh between 7 and 10 gr.

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