San Simón da Costa Cheese


Galician smoked cheese recognized by the Protected Designation of Origin San Simón da Costa

Cow’s milk cheese smoked with birch and cured for at least 45 days.

Presentation: 1,2g Kg approx.


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San Simón da Costa cheese:

The elaboration of San Simón da Costa cheese combines a traditional recipe with the best raw materials and the maximum hygienic-sanitary control.

Two special characteristics stand out in the elaboration process, giving it its particular flavour and aroma.

Firstly, its fundamental raw material: cow’s milk, from the Rubia Gallega, Pardo-Alpina and Frisona breeds, always produced in the area in accordance with health regulations and secondly, to give it its most significant characteristic, the SMOKING phase, in which the wood of a typical tree of the area is used: the BIRCH.

San Simón da Costa cheese bears a back label issued by the ‘Consejo Regulador’, in addition to the label of the manufacturer registered under the designation.

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