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Bonito Costera Tuna Tenderloin in Olive Oil | Royal Spanish Cannery

Discover the excellence of the White Tuna with Costera’s Special Edition Loins in Olive Oil in a new format with a concave bottom that allows each can to contain the exact portion of a serving.

Ingredients: white tuna, olive oil and salt.

Net Weight: 320 g

Drained Weight: 220 gr

Format: RO-314


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With a firm texture and a soft and delicate flavor, White Tuna Tenderloins are characterized by their low fat content and high nutritional value, especially for their richness in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Its flavor is unparalleled, the result of a careful selection of the best specimens and a handcrafted production process.

This product, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, is ideal for a healthy and balanced diet.

Energy Value: 1.226/295 KJ/Kcal - Protein: 20.8 g - Carbohydrates: <0,5 - of which sugars: <0,5 g - Fats: 23.4 g - of which saturated: 4,3 g - Salt: <0.5 g
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