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LH-120 (10-15 fillets BIG FISH)
Cantabrian anchovy fillets in olive oil.
Net Weight: 115 grs approx.
Drained Weight: 58 grs
Ingredients: anchovies (fish), olive oil and salt.

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Anchovies Conservas Codesa

The Gold Series of Conservas Codesa is elaborated with anchovies from the catches acquired in the fishing ports of the Cantabrian Sea in the months of April and May, where we select the best batches for their size and freshness.

After being cured in SAL MARINA for an average of one year in the cellar and having reached its optimum curing point, our filleters elaborate in a completely artisanal way.

The appetizing fillets that will finally be covered by top quality AO in a wide range of HIGH QUALITY formats.


SEMICONSERVE: Keep refrigerated between 5ºC and 12ºC.
Choose the right format depending on the number of diners.
Remove from the fridge 5 minutes before serving.
Optimum temperature of the fillet for consumption, 16ºC-18ºC.
Do not serve on a hot plate.

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