100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham “Pata negra” | Navarretinto

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100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham “Pata negra” Navarretinto

It is the noble piece par excellence. It comes from animals over 18 months old and weighing 160 kilos. We simply add sea salt to the hams and, after a short salting period, they go first to the drying room and then to the cellar. In total, 36 months of curing and maturing, during which, in addition to the chemical changes and the formation of aromatic compounds, there is a loss of around 35% of its fresh weight.

Characteristic of our 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams are the pata negra, synonymous with the authenticity of their genetics, and the caña fina. Among its attributes, the “flavour” (smell, taste and texture combined), the shiny lean and the fluidity of the fat are unmistakable and, when tasted, give rise to a series of sensory perceptions that awaken the senses, enhancing its unbeatable “bouquet”.

Ingredients: 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork ham and sea salt.

Allergens: Gluten free. GMO Free

WEIGHT: 7,5 kgr approx.

CATEGORY: Super Extra.

TYPE: Acorn-fed Ibérico

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Probably the best Iberian pig farm in Spain , within the Extremadura dehesa,

Our production is limited to 13,000 pigs/year with a quality that is difficult to beat and total homogeneity.

Navarretinto only transforms its own production. It does not integrate other farms, it is not associated, so it guarantees its original and exceptional quality. Its production is limited and certified.

Our cured products project is more than just “food”. We think of those who know and want to enjoy the flavour (smell, taste and texture combined) of unique products, and this can only be achieved with a group of people with tradition, sensitivity, good taste, who appreciate what can be obtained from the best Iberian pork.

We are firmly committed to a market close to our gastronomic tradition, a market of connoisseurs of our best Iberian pork. We present Navarretinto to them, with the security that comes from the quality of our cured products.


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