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Natural snails of Conservas Rosara.

In our land the “navarricos” snails are famous for their small size and excellent flavour.

We thoroughly clean the best “Navarrese” snails and “cheat” them perfectly.

Cheating is the name given to the cooking process by which the snail is taken out of the shell to make it easier to taste.

They come packaged in their natural state with a touch of bay leaf and black pepper.

Ingredients:Snails, water, salt, bay leaf, black pepper.

Net Weight: 660 gr

Drained Weight: 250 gr

Rosara Preserves

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As the snails are already cooked, it is recommended not to stir them with a spoon to prevent them from breaking. You can use the broth from the container to make the sauce for your stews.

Weight 1 kg


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