Aged Sheep’s Cheese in Oil Jar 100 g

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Treat yourself to this jar of hand-smoked aged cheese with EVOO.

One hundred grams of cheese designed to be eaten with family and friends, packed in a glass jar. No fuss, just open, serve and enjoy.

Ingredients: sheep’s milk, natural rennet, preservative E-252, lysozyme (derived from egg), lactic ferments and salt.

Natural bark. Origin of the milk: Spain. Store in a cool place.

The shepherd spent the whole day with the flock in the field, the shepherdess made the cheese. After a hard day, I would arrive at the pantry and there was no better reward than a piece of cheese. A real treat!

That smell of preserves, of cheeses, of the sweets prepared by the shepherdess. Plates, cauldrons, glass jars… This is the origin of our Caprichos de la Pastora.

Give yourself a treat to enjoy after a day’s work. A cheese made on a whim, by hand, with love. One hundred grams of cheese in a glass jar. No complications.

Tartufo cured cheese with dehydrated truffle slices, just open, serve and enjoy.

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