Piquillo Peppers Lodosa 12-20 fruits | La Catedral de Navarra


The Lodosa piquillo peppers from La Catedral de Navarra are whole, peeled by hand, without the use of water.

Extra quality whole piquillo peppers included in the protected designation of origin Pimiento del piquillo de Lodosa.

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Piquillo peppers from Lodosa La Catedral de Navarra are Piquillo peppers from Mendavia, Lodosa. Made from extra category red piquillo peppers, La Catedral de Navarra roasts its peppers in a direct flame and without any contact with water during the whole production process, a characteristic that allows them to conserve all their intense flavour without being dissolved by the water. For this, La Catedral de Navarra peppers are peeled by hand and elaborated in a totally handmade way.

These Piquillo peppers are presented in glass jars of 12-20 fruits for their correct preservation. They are canned peppers with the Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa designation of origin that meet all the quality requirements of this designation: size between 8 and 10 cm, flat triangular shape with a slightly curved curve and a weight between 35 and 55 grams. We recommend using these Lodosa peppers as an accompaniment to different meats by simply frying them in a frying pan. They are also perfect for eating straight out of the package by adding them to a salad.

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