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Mousse of piquillo peppers by Conservas Rosara.

We roast the Piquillo peppers from Lodosa D.O. with beech wood and peel them without water to preserve all their flavour. The taste of freshly roasted peppers predominates in this product, which together with a juicy and spreadable texture make it unrepeatable. The word mousse comes from the French “foam” and refers to dishes or desserts with a spongy texture. This is achieved naturally by the action of the beaten egg together with the other ingredients of the product.


Piquillo peppers (42%), pasteurized egg, cream, whole cow’s milk, sugar and salt.

Net weight: 125 gr

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It can be used as a base for canapés, as an accompaniment to meat, fish and game dishes or on its own on toast. Combines very well with potato omelette, cheese, ham…etc.

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