Octopus pâté : Conservas Sotavento


Ingredients: octopus, octopus fumet , extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Allergens: octopus

Capacity: 125 ml glass jar

Net Weight: 115 g

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Delicious Galician octopus cream. Product from coastal artisanal fishing.

Certified with two quality seals:

  • Pulpo de Lonja”, the brand name under which octopus from the Galician fishermen’s associations of Finisterre, Corcubión, Lira, Muros, O Pindo and Porto do Son is marketed and sold through the platform Lonja en la Red. It guarantees the origin and quality of Galician octopus.
  • Km. 0 MARGALAICA” which guarantees that the fish and shellfish come from local fish markets, that they have not been transported more than 100 km. and that they have been caught and harvested by Galician sailors and shellfish gatherers.
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