Sheep cheese ” O Rexo “.

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The cheese “O Rexo” is an artisan product, elaborated from raw milk of latxa sheep that graze with tranquility in one of the forests of Allariz, in the interior of Galicia.

With a smooth and buttery taste on the palate, with 90 days of maturation to eliminate any bacteria typical of raw milk, make this cheese a product of excellent quality.

Approximate weight: 400 – 450gr

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Sheep Cheese “O Rexo”.

In an exceptional enclave, on the banks of the river Arnoia, surrounded by stones and trees painted by Agustín Ibarrola, graze the sheep of the latxa breed of the cheese factory “O Rexo”.

In this deep inland forest of Galicia, in the Concello de Allariz, one of the few unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheeses produced in Galicia is made.

This is an area whose climate is ideal for grazing this coarse wool sheep breed, originally from the Basque Country and Navarre, which with the quality of the daily grazing, the calm they need and respecting their times of lower production (where the activity stops) get that “O Rexo” is an excellent cheese.

When using raw unpasteurized milk, the cheese pieces of about 800gr. they need around 90 days of curing to eliminate the milk’s own bacteria and to be able to consume the product with the maximum sanitary guarantees, maintaining at the same time the quality and the soft flavour, which will undoubtedly differentiate them from other pasteurized cheeses. Every year, around 5000kg are produced by hand in these facilities, a scarce production taking into account the growing demand for this product inside and outside Galicia.

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