Fillets of Horse Mackerel with garlic and parsley | Good Boy

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Fillets of Horse Mackerel with garlic and parsley by Conservas Good Boy

Carapau fillets in oil and sauce with seaweed and sauce

Ingredients: Horse mackerel, Olive oil, Garlic, Parsley, Salt.
Liquid Weight: 120 g
Shelf life: 4 years

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Created in 1950, Good Boy is very special for Conserveira do Sul. The “face” of the brand is the child Jorge Ferreira (youngest son of António Jacinto Ferreira, founder of the company).
There is a theme intrinsic to the whole concept of the brand: to retrieve the memories stored within each of us, from our childhood days, when we all “were a good boy”.

Wooden horse: The wooden horse is presented as a toy from the seventeenth century, and one of its predecessors was swinging the middle ages of saddle, cavalry used in teaching practices.

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