Trunk of white tuna can 900 grams : Conservas Angelachu


White tuna in trunk of limited production and elaborated fresh and in coastal season, so its quality is even more precious.
Cooking and handling are very careful so that this product maintains all its characteristics and properties.

Format: glass jar

Net Weight: 900 grams
Drained Weight: 600 grams

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Its production is limited and handmade, in season, making its consumption even more precious.

We prepare this range of products only with the best raw materials, i.e. catches from the Cantabrian fleet in season. The way it is fished also has an influence.

The fishing gear used by our boats is the hook. In this traditional art of fishing, the bonito are caught one by one with the effort of our sailors, in this way the flesh of the fish is not hit or scratched with the nets.

The so-called Bonito Fleet goes to sea from June to September.

As it is a seasonal fish caught with traditional arts, its extraordinary quality and freshness is guaranteed.

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