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Can of 345 gr of Asparagus 5 fruits of the Cathedral of Navarre

White asparagus from Navarre, without fibres and with the characteristic mild bitterness of the Denomination.

Always grown near our facilities, the climate and fertile soil of the Ribera Navarra del Ebro give them unique characteristics.

We prepare them in the traditional way, blanching them before peeling so that the skin protects their properties and aromas, thus achieving a product of extraordinary flavour and quality.

Can of asparagus registered with the Protected Geographical Indication Asparagus of Navarre.

Ingredients: Asparagus, water, salt

The Cathedral of Navarre


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Asparagus 5 fruits the Cathedral of Navarra

Can of 345 grs.

White, without fibres. We always grow them near our facilities, and scald them before peeling so that the skin protects their properties and aromas.
Harvest: April – June.
Serving suggestions: We recommend serving at room temperature, preferably lukewarm. They are perfect with a drizzle of virgin olive oil.
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