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Octopus in olive oil | Los Peperetes

Octopus in olive oil by Conservas Los Peperetes.

We receive fresh octopus from the best Galician fish markets. Once in their facilities, they proceed to clean them for subsequent freezing. A necessary process to break the fibers of the meat and thus achieve the right tenderness.

Once the necessary time has elapsed to reach the desired tenderness, the pieces are cooked with water, salt and onion for the appropriate time depending on their size. Once cooked, it is drained and left to cool for a few hours, then cut and presented neatly, incorporating olive oil that gives it an excellent conservation.

For its consumption it is advisable to add sweet or spicy paprika to taste.

Origin: Galician Rías Gallegas

Season: All year round except for biological stops.

Fishing: Pots

Manufactured by: Conservas Los Peperetes

Net Weight: 120 g

Drained Weight: 85 gr


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