Cockles in brine 25 pcs. : Conservas Rosa Lafuente


Cockles natural of Rosa Lafuente Preserves

25 GIANT cockles in their natural state. Net weight: 111gr. Drained weight: 75 gr.

The raw material used is the live and fresh cockle from the Noya estuary, which is characterized by its exceptional sandy beaches.


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Cockles natural Rosa Lafuente


The raw material used is the cockle (Celastoderma Edule) live and fresh from the Noya estuary which is exceptionally relevant for its exceptional sandy areas.

Ingredients: cockles, water and salt.

Recipe suggestion


– 1 tin of Rosa Lafuente cockles in their natural state. Open the can and drain the cockle, reserving the liquid.


– Assortment of green salads.

– Apple cider vinegar.

– Olive oil. – Salt.

– The liquid from the cockles.

Crush the salads in the American glass adding the liquid from the can and a little water, verify that we obtain a light soup texture. Finally, if necessary, add a little more water.

Then season with oil, vinegar and salt to taste, strain and set aside.


– Macadamia nuts.

– Virgin oil. Chop the walnuts and cover with the oil.


– Chives.


Serve starting with a small salad base, then place the cockles on top and finish with the macadamia nut oil and some chive sprouts.

Recipe for 6 people.

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