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Natural clams 10-12 pieces | Ramón Peña

Natural clams 10/12 pieces of Conservas Ramón Peña

Ingredients: Clams, water and salt

Only the largest and highest quality clams are selected during the purchase at the fish market. The cleaning and elimination of the sands is carried out by traditional procedures. Then they are boiled, to proceed to the manual peeling, and after washing the viands, they are passed to the packing area. There, the women place each clam piece by piece, with care and delicacy, and then move on to the filling and closing area.

Manufacturer: Conservas Ramón Peña

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Ramón Peña Clams are a true delicacy of nature, they are small pieces, each can contains between 20 and 25 pieces. This product is one of the most valued in the Mediterranean cuisine,which makes this product an ideal gift for any gourmet seafood lover. At Ramón Peña’s facilities, the clams are boiled, and after being washed, they are moved to the packing area, where they are manually placed piece by piece, with care and delicacy, and then moved to the filling and sealing area.

Manufacturer: Conservas Ramón Peña

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