Vermouth La Fabulosa Red 5 liters


Vermouths elaborated with a traditional recipe from 1914 with a base of wine from the native Godello grape and another from Sauvignon Blanc.

Ingredients: Traditional recipe, native godello grape, sauvignon blanc grape, vanilla, wormwood, ginger, orange, clove…

Box of 5 liters of Red Vermouth La Fabulosa presented in wooden box

Alcoholic strength: 15% Vol.


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Vermouth elaborated by a traditional recipe from the beginning of the last century with a freshness and aroma, between bitter and sweet. To obtain the base wines, we carefully select native Galician varieties in order to obtain the necessary roundness that this type of wine requires. We add sugar, extracts and macerated herbs, including sage, marjoram, lemon verbena, mugwort, mugwort, cinnamon and vanilla, leave it to settle in wooden barrels and finally filter it.


Mahogany colour with coppery glints. In nose, it is intense and fragrant, highlighting the herbal notes of mugwort, marjoram and sage among others. Fresh and aromatic aroma inviting to taste it. In the mouth, it shows weight and consistency. Round and with power. Long finish with a powerful herbaceous and spicy aftertaste. Very pleasant bitter aftertaste, with sweet notes.

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