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Razor clams in their natural state : Los Peperetes

Natural razor clams from Conservas Los Peperetes.

Ingredients: Razor clams

No. of pieces: 6-8

All the raw material comes from the beaches of Fisterra, O Grove and Ribeira, and its capture is done by diving, which means that its extraction depends on the state of the sea. At the factory it is cleaned and washed in warm salt water to select the best size pieces and carefully packed in the can.

Net weight: 120 gr.

Drained weight: 75 gr.


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Razor clams are another of the jewels of the Galician seabed. They are extracted by divers from the sandy depths and arrive at our facilities just a few hours later to be processed in their maximum state of freshness.

Committed to sustainability and artisanal fishing, our knives are protected under the seal “Pesca de Rias, de onde se non?” which guarantees the origin and quality of the product.


Ideal as an aperitif, they can be eaten directly or grilled for a few seconds, delicious!

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