Organic Dried Tomato in EVOO : Conservas ROSARA

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Organic Dried Tomato in EVOO of Conservas ROSARA

They are organic round tomatoes dried in the sun and seasoned with a good organic Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. Tender, juicy and intense flavour. The tomato and olive oil are always of national origin. As well as the Pyrenean spring salt from Salinas de Oro (Navarra), with organic certification.

Ingredients: dried tomato halves* (66%), arbequina extra virgin olive oil* (34%), whole cane brown sugar* and salt from the Pyrenees.

From organic farming.

Net Weight: 180 gr

Rosara Preserves

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Organic Dried Tomato in EVOO : Conservas ROSARA


With an intense tomato flavour, but at the same time juicy and tender, they are ideal for making pinchos, tapas and as a garnish for salads and all kinds of dishes.

It goes very well with any cheese, or spices such as oregano, basil or marjoram.

Ideal for pizzas and pasta or as a flavourful ingredient for your vegetable, meat or fish stews.



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