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Vegetable Stew from Navarra Extra : Conservas Rosara

Extra natural vegetable stew from Conservas Rosara.

One of the most important recipes of Navarrese gastronomy: the menestra: we select the best white asparagus from Navarre, artichoke hearts, carrot and peas and we give them the right cooking point so that you only have to open them and add them to your dishes and recipes. The best vegetables of Navarra always at hand in your kitchen.

Ingredients: Peas (40%), artichokes (22%), asparagus (15%), carrots (12%), water, salt and antioxidants (ascorbic acid and E-385).

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Net weight (gr): 660
Drained weight (gr): 400


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Our vegetables are very tender and delicate and are already cooked: add to the end of the stew and do not stir with the spoon so as not to break them.

You can also use the broth if desired, it is a broth that has been made with the same vegetable.

Weight 1 kg


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