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Escalivada of Conservas Rosara.
This is a wonderful typical Catalan dish made “our style”. We roast the vegetables in the oven: aubergine, onion and piquillo peppers and we season it with olive oil, nothing else: natural and delicious. It is also low in salt: only 0.08 gr. per 100 gr. of product and only 6.3% fat.

Ingredients: Aubergines (43%), piquillo peppers (26%), onion (26%), olive oil (5%), salt and acidifier (citric acid).

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This dish is made with very tender vegetables, treat with care. It can be eaten cold or at room temperature or heated in the oven or in the pan over low heat. It combines very well with anchovies, black olives, melted cheese, oregano, marjoram or as a garnish for fish and meat.



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