Spicy Mussels 16/20 pieces : Conservas Ramón Peña

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Mussels in spicy pickled sauce of Conservas Ramón Peña

Ingredients: Mussels, olive oil, sunflower oil, garlic, cayenne, and salt.

Number of pieces: 16/20 pcs

Net Weight: 110 gr.

Drained Weight: 76 gr.

Format: OL-120

Ramón Peña Preserves

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Mussels in pickled sauce 16/20 pieces Conservas Ramón Peña

100% natural mussels from the Galician estuaries. These succulent mussels are marinated in a tasty marinade with mild sweet paprika.

They present an excellent aspect, of great size and uniformity in the color, clean of beards and very appetizing.

In the mouth they have a good texture and their abundant flesh make them perfect for a select appetizer.

It highlights the good quality of the marinade in which they are preserved as well as a good point of cooking.

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