Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Monkfish : Conservas ROSARA

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Piquillo peppers stuffed with monkfish from Conservas Rosara.
We select the best Piquillo peppers and roast them with beech wood.
We peel them without water so that they do not lose their flavour, we stuff them with a delicate monkfish béchamel sauce in a rich piquillo sauce.
It is a very laborious process with a delicious and healthy result: only 3% fat, low in salt (0.26 gr. per 100 gr. of product) and gluten-free.
INGREDIENTS: Piquillo peppers (38%), water, fish stock (water and conger eel), onion, vegetable oil (sunflower), tomato, monkfish (6%), rice flour, milk, hake, leek, carrot, rice, garlic, salt, wine, brandy and spices.

Net Weight: 250 gr

Contains dairy product (lactose) and fish. Gluten free.

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Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with RAPE : ROSARA Preserves

Our stuffed peppers are very delicate, it is recommended to open the can, take out the peppers one by one with a spoon and then pour the sauce on top.

The best way to heat it is in a bain-marie (before opening the container), in the oven at a medium temperature or in a casserole over a low heat.

It can be served with prawns, king prawns or other cooked seafood and grilled monkfish medallions.

Also steamed vegetables as a garnish or toasted almond slices, pine nuts…etc.



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