Mussels in pickled sauce 12/16 pieces | Ramón Franco

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Mussels in pickled sauce 12/16 pieces : Conservas Ramón Franco

Ingredients: Mussels (Mytilus Galloprovincialis), olive oil (15%), wine vinegar, spices and salt.

Ramón Franco presents the best mussels in pickled sauce from the Ría de Arousa, cooked over a slow fire following a recipe that dates back to 1960.

In this preserve you will find 12 to 16 mussels, hand-packed after being harvested.

Canned Ramon Franco

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Marinated Mussels 12-16 pieces | Ramón Franco

The mussel is one of the most highly regarded preserves by food lovers.

Its high nutritional value and intense flavour is a guarantee of success at any self-respecting table.

Aware of this, at Ramón Franco we raise the mussels with patience and care for two years, and we harvest them at an optimum point of maturity.

Directly from the nursery to the packaging plant, our craftswomen clean and select the pieces and put them in the can.

All by hand, with the delicacy of his expert hands.

Seasoning and time take care of the rest. Enjoy the best flavour of the Galician Rías Gallegas with Ramón Franco’s delicatessen preserves.

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