Mussels in pickled sauce 4/6 pieces – Real Conservera Española

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Giant mussels in pickled sauce 4/6 pieces – Real Conservera Española

Ingredients: Mussels and pickles.

Number of pieces: 4/6

Format: OL-120

Net weight: 120 gr.

Drained weight: 64 gr.

Manufacturer: Real Conservera Española

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Mussels fried in pickled sauce – Real Conservera Española


Cooked and fried in olive oil. The bison is removed manually and packed one by one. Accompanied by a unique pickle made with all-natural ingredients and olive oil.

Tasting note:

Powerful reddish colour. Soft texture and pickled flavor with vinegary nuances.


To appreciate the mussel in its best season taste fresh. Ideal beer pairing.

Manufacturer: Real Conservera Española

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