Grilled sardines with five red berries : La Perle de Dieux

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La Perle des Dieux is inspired by the unmissable pleasures of summer to offer you grilled sardines!

It is not necessary to light the barbecue … Just open your can of sardines and enjoy … with your eyes first: each little silver fish has been grilled before being delicately prepared by our craftswomen. A meticulous work, done by hand, which harmoniously highlights the design of the grill on the skin of the fish.

Then, it’s an explosion of flavour: the freshness of the sardines blends with the subtle flavour of the grill, enhanced by a preparation with five berries. You’ll appreciate this recipe full of character on toast or as the main ingredient in a fine cake!

Like all our other canned sardine recipes, this one can be canned for at least a year, for a stronger flavor and an even smoother texture.

Ingredients: Sardines

77%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, mix of 5 red fruits 1% (red fruits, white, black and green peppers, coriander).

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