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Natural Clams 16/18 pieces – Los Peperetes

Natural clams from the Galician Rias of Conservas Los Peperetes.

Ingredients: Natural clams

No. of pieces: 16-18 pcs.

Manufactured by: Conservas Los Peperetes

Net weight: 120 gr.

Drained weight: 85 gr.


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  • Season: October-February
  • Origin: Rias de Arousa and Muros
  • Fishing: Manual or with traces

When the clam is received at the factory, it is placed in a vat of sea water, where it is de-sanded by itself for 12 hours. Then, they are cooked, washed and manually gutted one by one. The clam comes from the Rías de Arousa and Muros, and is only harvested from October to February, which is when they have the appropriate texture and size for consumption. It is presented with a sauce composed of water and salt in order to maintain its delicate flavor in the best way.

Preferably to be eaten straight from the tin, accompanied by a good wine and a piece of bread.

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