Pack of 6 tins of Sardinillas 20/25 pcs in olive oil | Ramón Peña

Sardines in olive oil 20/25 pcs | Ramón Peña

Ingredients: Sardinilla, olive oil and salt.

Selected sardines from our seas. Handmade packaging in can and filled with olive oil.

Ramón Peña Preserves

From the Galician Rias, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. This product is highly appreciated in mediterranean gastronomy where it is considered an authentic delicacy, it also belongs to the so-called “Black Labels” of Ramón Peña which guarantees us that it is a genre of the highest quality.

Ramón Peña makes an exquisite selection in port of the best pieces (the fishing season is between May and October).

Once in the factory, we proceed to the headless, eviscerated, sandwiched and toasted.

Weight 138 kg


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