Queso Picante with paprika from La Vera : Prestes Cheese Factory


Compact and creamy texture. Very milky flavour with a taste of spicy paprika, floral and tropical nuances. Touch of nuts.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, lactic ferments,rennet, Salt,Pepper from La Vera

Net weight: approx. 900 gr

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Prestes Cheese Factory

This family business was founded in San Simón (Vilalba, Lugo) in 1991, producing the first pieces of cheese called San Simón da Costa. When the Regulatory Council of the DO San Simón da Costa was created in 1996, the promotion of cheese was so great that it forced the small cheese dairies to adapt, expanding their space and, consequently, their production.

In the 2000s Prestes was consolidated as a cheese factory. Its presence in gastronomic events, tastings and competitions (Alimentaria, the Gourmet Fair or Anuga), achieving prestigious prizes at international level, such as the World Cheese Awards, allowed it to make a place for itself in the dairy market as a reference company.

In 2016 it began an export process that forced it to move to larger facilities, adapted to the new production capacity based on the diversi cation of products.

This change of mentality came from the hand of a new generation of cheesemakers, who seek the positioning of the different Prestes varieties in national and international markets.




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