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A fabada made to enjoy the authentic: Asturian beans with denomination of origin (PGI), black pudding and chorizo from Asturias with its smoked touch, Iberian bacon and a tasty but balanced sauce based on poached vegetables, olive oil and meat broth. Our stewed pulses have the same quality and guarantee as our natural pulses: tender, the skin is not noticeable and totally natural flavour.

Asturian faba beans I.G.P. (60%), meat stock, Asturian black pudding (6%), bacon (5%), Asturian chorizo (5%), olive oil, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, spices.

Net Weight: 390 gr


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The tenderness and fineness of our legumes is reflected in this fabada. The best way to prepare it is to pour the contents into a casserole dish and heat over low heat, although it can also be heated for 2 minutes in the microwave. The flavour of our fabada is authentic due to the Asturian smoked black pudding and chorizo sausage. The bacon is Iberian, so its flavor may seem more intense. It is recommended to be served in an earthenware casserole.

Weight 500 kg


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