Asparagus D.O. Navarra 8-14 Canister 1062 ml : Conservas ROSARA

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Asparagus from Navarra of Conservas Rosara.

The best asparagus from Navarre with denomination of origin.

Made with fresh asparagus, perfectly peeled, very tender and with all the flavour.

A classic of Navarrese gastronomy.

Apart from its flavor, asparagus stands out for being a very healthy product: for every 100 grams of product only 11.5 Kcal. and 0 fat.

Ingredients: Asparagus, water, salt, acidulants (citric acid and ascorbic acid) and sugar.

Net weight: 985 gr

Drained weight: 635 gr

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Our asparagus are very delicate, treat with care.

They can be served cold but to enjoy their maximum flavor they are recommended to be served at room temperature.

They can be served with extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette (the best varieties: arbequina or empeltre) and a little wine or apple vinegar.

You can also add chopped vegetables to the vinaigrette (onion, green pepper, black olives, etc.), hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, etc.



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